Exceptional Staffing Made Simple

Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group positions exceptional and talented medical professionals in exciting and rewarding jobs across the country.
Now offering RAPID PAYTM. When you work for us, simply clock out, submit your timesheet, and you will be paid within 2 hours! We guarantee it!

Why Choose Us

We work closely with healthcare facilities to match employees with the right position from per diem to permanent placement. We strive to be more than a nursing agency; we strife to be our staffs personal agent helping them to achieve their career goals.


Our Perspective

The nursing profession is the largest segment of the nation's healthcare workforce. We appreciate the compassion, commitment, and trust that our Nurses eaRN. They're a staple in the community, that's why we advocate for them while they advocate for their patients.


Meeting Our Clients Needs

We specialize in long-term acute care, rehabilitation setting, and critical care. Our nurses use their nursing assessment skills to care for patients and partner with other healthcare professionals for patient directed care for an extended recovery period.




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