About Us

Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group positions exceptional and talented medical professionals in exciting and rewarding jobs across the country. Well qualified RN's, CNA's, and LPN's and a host of other health and allied roles can start or jump start their careers by allowing Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group to place you in the role for which you are most suited. 

As a healthcare staffing company boasting over 500 staff nationwide, we provide unmatched nurse first service experiences for our staff and unparalleled customer service for our clients all tailored to their needs.

Our Mission & Core Values

Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our client and nurse service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction. Serving our staff, peers, Clients, partners, and anyone else whom we may come into contact, our goal is to live within these values.

Customer Service

We take pride in building strong, supportive relationships with our clients and staff. As a new member of our team, you're expected to uphold the highest standards of service, treating every interaction as an opportunity to strengthen our community.


Doing the right thing is at the core of our operations. For us, integrity means transparency and honesty, not just in our successes, but also when facing challenges. We rely on you to carry this torch of trustworthiness in every aspect of your work.


Our dedication to healthcare staffing goes beyond filling positions. We are passionate about empowering our staff and improving patient care. Your enthusiasm and commitment to your role will contribute significantly to our collective mission.


We strive for clarity and ease in all our processes. Your role will involve simplifying complex tasks to enhance efficiency, ensuring our operations run smoothly for both our staff and clients.

Be The Change We Seek

Our ambition is to be a catalyst for positive change in healthcare staffing. We encourage you to embrace innovation and to contribute ideas that help us evolve and better serve our community.

Employee Benefits Include

We offer a simple benefits plan and strive to put the most dollars in your pocket so that you can decide how to spend your money. Our benefits include:

We Know The Industry Best!

We understand the difficulties of working 12 hour shifts without taking a restroom break, the body aches and pains, especially in the feet, from turning pushing, pulling, and standing all day.

We understand worrying about patient A while taking care of patient B. We understand being a friend, a healer, giving tough love, and being a caretaker, all while serving the patient.

As nurses, we sacrifice so much to restore and to heal others. We have eaRNed our title, and what we realize most is that what we do is not just a job, it's a calling. That's why Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group is best able to help you fulfill your career objectives. Our staff of healthcare professionals know exactly what it's like, let us jump start your career today!

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