Employee Benefits Include

We offer a simple benefits plan and strive to put the most dollars in your pocket so that you can decide how to spend your money. Our benefits include:

Daily Pay

Tired of waiting until pay day? Present your signed time card after your shift and typically recieve the funds within two hours.

Bonuses for Referring New Employees

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and hope you recommend us to your friends. Ask a recruiter about our employee referral program.

Bonuses for Referring New Facilities

Do you know of a facility that would love to work with us? Ask a recruiter about our new facility referral program.

Flexible Work Schedules

We spend a great deal of time working with our clients and mapping out a scheduling scenario that's right for you. You will always have flexibility.  

Health Insurance

We are pleased to offer most contract, travel, and PRN healthcare professionals medical insurance plans with over 100 options to choose from. Click here for more information.

Professional Liability Insurance

We offer professional liability insurance coverage that exceeds the industry standard. 

Our Values

Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group is a values-driven organization, from our hiring philosophy to our client service,

our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction with our fellow peers, our Clients, our potential clients, partners, and anyone else who we may come into contact with.

Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group prides itself on establishing and building strong
relationships with both our clients and staff. Driven by the desire to serve, Nurses eaRN It
will always treat you like you apart of the family.

We're empowered to do and say the right thing, even if it doesn't make us the most money.
Nurses eaRN It has an honest approach to our strategy and strong moral principles are the  
driving force behind our business success and values as a company.

We are passionate about our people, our colleagues, our associates, and our clients. We find
healthcare professionals work, give them experience, and the opportunity to build their futures.
To put it simply, what we do every day is not just a job, it's our passion.

We strive to continuously simplify and improve our processes, procedures, and activities.
Whether working with Clients or our employees, issues will be few and far in between, but if
they do come, we will deal with them directly and openly.

Through our approach and because we care, all Nurses eaRNers have the courage and 
resourcefulness to create change - to make our company better, our relationships stronger,
and our reach farther. We will work to consistently change the industry for the better from within.